Interview with Henk, an old Philips worker. Back at Strijp-S (neighborhood in Eindhoven) after 15 years.

Light City, Eindhoven. What is left of the big company Philips? 

If Philips didn't exist, Eindhoven would also not exist. The history of the city is formed by Philips. People who worked for the company, also got a house, a place to sport and received healthcare. But they also had to live with the rules made by Philips. They had to mow the lawn every week in order to keep the grass shorter than two centimeters, keep the windows clean, be social to your neighbours, etc. By using the network of old Philips workers, it was easy to dive into this history step by step. There was a story about a funeral for Philips products but even the people at the archive of the Philips museum didn't know about this, but Henk was invited and told me this secret story.

There is a big difference between the elderly and the new residents and sometimes this will lead to misunderstanding. Lichtgeheimen will help to create more respect and understanding between different generations by learning about the past.

On ten spots, where I found the information about Philips, the same information is buried. These are stories, movies, pictures, products and audio clips. This is a trailer of the game Lichtgeheimen (Secrets of the Light). The coordinates will tell you where these secret stories are buried, waiting for you to find them. This project was a collaboration with Woonbedrijf (housing corporation Eindhoven).