PRojected womb 


Photographer: Iris Rijskamp

Projected Womb is an animation projected on a pregnant woman’s belly that visualises what actually is happening inside. 

It shows life underneath the skin: not only the baby’s true size and position, but also how it is fed for example, or how the mother’s organs shift to make space.

Although there is a lot of information available about a baby’s development in the womb, it’s all in books or on screens. Many women find it hard to link these 2D representations to their own body. By combining standard ultrasounds with the realistic manner of my projections, the medical facts become less abstract and more personal.

This can help pregnant women (and the daddies) to more clearly understand what happens, to stay close to the body and to have a moment in which they can enjoy how nature develops new life in a beautiful way.

For now the projection has an educational function, but I would love to take it a step closer. Hopefully, in the future the projection can be connected to the ultrasound.

Graduation show, Dutch Design Week 2018.

Boudewijn Bollmann DDW18 LORES 1.jpg

Photographer: Boudewijn Dollmann